Boia Gigs

Here at Ty Boia we also do our fair share of music promotion. The Boia Gigs ‘pop up’ concerts are held in local venues within St. Davids and the peninsula. We’ve previously hosted many bands and solo artists from all over the world including, The Bros. Landreth, Becca Mancari, Erin Rae, Emily Barker, Kacy & Clayton, The Slocan Ramblers, Ben Ottewell, Seamus Fogarty and many more.

See below for upcoming shows and book online, be aware that many of the shows sellout so it’s worth booking ahead!

John Blek

+ Jodie Marie

Saturday 13th November 2021 – RAFA Club, St Davids

Boia Gigs favourite John Blek returns to St. Davids armed with three (yes, three!) new records ‘The Embers’, which John never got to tour before Covid hit, Digressions #2 – Grounded, recorded during lockdown and his new record On Ether & Air, due for release September 2021.

Much loved for his enthralling live shows full of humour, pathos and his impassioned musical delivery. A master storyteller and a stunning fingerstyle guitar player. A must-see act and a true artist.

After the fires of love, lust, life and revolution have burned out the embers are all that remain. ‘The Embers’ is the third record in John’s ‘Catharsis’ project consisting of 9 visceral songs. Reflections and memories from a time after the affair.

Recorded at home in isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Grounded is Blek’s effort to regain a sense of balance and purpose during this period of great uncertainty. It shows the artist drawing from a new well of sound, embracing synthesis, remote recording and electronic instruments for the first time.

On Ether & Air is the final part of Blek’s Catharsis Project, a four album exploration into themes of the sea, the earth, the embers and the air. This new record is an examination of the simultaneous lightness and weight of the atmospheres surrounding us and the innate human longing for unbridled freedom.

“A lovely sounding thing” – Roddy Hart, BBC
“A force of nature” – The Irish Times
“a master of subtlety in realms of folk-informed pop.” – The Thin Air
‘His talent is shining brighter with every album.’ – John Creedon, RTE.

Eddi Reader

Saturday 7th August 2021, St. Davids Cathedral.

This is the announcement we didn’t want to make, but due to the current Covid regulations here in Wales, the decision has been made to cancel Eddi’s planned concert in St. Davids Cathedral on 7th August 2021. This decision hasn’t been taken lightly and many hours have been spent trying to figure out a way the concert could go ahead as planned. Unfortunately, there is no way we could continue with the concert whilst maintaining social distancing within the confines of the Cathedral space. It was also important that we give those travelling from around the U.K. ample time to re-arrange any plans they may have made to attend. Ticketline will automatically refund all ticket holders so you do not need to do anything.

We are already planning Eddi’s return for 2022 so please bear with us, we also apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, but under the current circumstances we have been left with no other viable option.

Thanks for your understanding.

Boia Gigs

Ariel Posen

Sunday 30th January 2022, City Hall, St. Davids.

A lifelong musician, there are few roles Ariel Posen hasn’t played.

Although born in Winnipeg, Posen spent much of his childhood on the road, traveling from show to show with his musician parents. He began playing guitar at 9 years old, kicking off a career that eventually found him traveling the globe for his own gigs, including shows as a member of the Juno Award winning, roots-rock band The Bros. Landreth. Several years later, Posen began working on an album of his own, tracking his new songs in the same studio in which his parents once recorded their albums.

How Long marks Posen’s long-awaited solo debut, showcasing not only his chops as an instrumentalist, but his talents as a diverse songwriter, too. The record casts a wide net, moving from rootsy blues to R&B to melodic rock & roll. A co-writer and producer for artists of all genres, Posen shows the full range of his talents on these 10 tracks, nodding to his influences — including The Beatles, Stevie Ray Vaughan, John Mayer and more — along the way. How Long is not a guitar record, although there’s certainly plenty of guitar to be heard here. Instead, it’s a song record, filled with hooks, autobiographical lyrics, and Posen’s compelling voice.

“The guitar is the tool to get the music out,” he says. “Always serve the song first. Otherwise, you’re just playing an instrument.”

Martin Harley

Saturday 4th December 2021, The RAFA Club, St. Davids.

Following the success of the ‘Roll With The Punches’ band tour across the UK and Europe,
Harley takes to the road for a run of intimate solo acoustic shows in 2021.

Through his road worn song writing style he explores hopes and fears for fast changing
times. Slide guitar, as always is at the root of Martins sound, mirroring his whisky soaked
northern breeze vocals. With fantastic reviews still coming in for the new album ‘Roll With
The Punches’ things are looking good for the wandering bluesman.

If success can be measured by a growing global demand to attend Martin’s dynamic live performances, then perhaps his touring schedule is proof of that. He recently played to a full house at the Union Chapel in Islington and has appeared at Edmonton, Vancouver, Canmore and Calgary folk festivals in Canada; UK Festivals Glastonbury, Bestival, Beautiful days; numerous European and US tours and events including the AMAs, The Bluebird in Nashville and Tønder in Denmark. Total Guitar Magazine ranked him #16 in the World’s greatest acoustic guitarist poll and he was nominated as Instrumentalist of the Year at the Americana music awards 2019.

The Bros Landreth

Tuesday 8th March 2022, City Hall, St. Davids.

Before they were The Bros. Landreth, Joey and Dave were only looking for a good excuse to spend a little more time together. They had spent their respective early years backing up other artists and travelling as hired musicians until one particularly long and challenging tour prompted Joey to call his older brother with a simple proposal, “When I get home, let’s sit down and make some music together” That phone call would be the turning point – seeing them focus on their own roots-rock sound that went on to be celebrated on their acclaimed debut album, Let It Lie.

The album received widespread acclaim, won multiple awards including a JUNO, and propelled the band to play over 400 tour dates around the world. A Rolling Stone review praised the band’s “quiet storm of slide guitar solos, blue notes, three part harmonies”.

After three years of non-stop touring, the band went on a hiatus and Joey moved from Winnipeg to Toronto. The break afforded Joey the opportunity to release and extensively tour both his debut solo album Whiskey in 2017, and his follow-up album, Hindsight, early in 2019. These records further cemented Joey’s reputation for being a first-rate guitar slinger, songwriter, and performer in his own right. His growing solo career might have delayed the timeline for the brothers, yet they never stopped writing. Those songs would eventually be recorded for their long awaited, follow-up release, ’87, titled after the year that Joey was born.

The bros have participated in some high profile collaborations: a concert with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, played to a sold-out crowd at The Centennial Concert Hall in 2018, and Next of Kin, a ballet choreographed by Philippe Larouche entirely to music by The Bros. Landreth. The ballet was performed by the internationally acclaimed Royal Winnipeg Ballet, with the band live on stage, playing and interacting with the dancers. In early 2020, the brothers released two songs with Mariel Buckley. Goodbye was a co-write between the brothers and Mariel and When I Call Your Name is a cover of Vince Gill’s lonesome country ballad. The EP was meant to launch a season of touring behind ’87, with Mariel Buckley as support, but the Covid-19 pandemic quickly changed the touring landscape for artists across the world.

They return to St. Davids following on from 2019’s epic, sold out show. This is not to be missed.