We have numerous artworks adorning our walls from local artists all of which are available to purchase, please enquire directly with us if one catches your eye!

Ben Lloyd

Ben Lloyd is a nationally recognised artist from St. Davids, whose artistic career spans over twenty years. During this time, he has exhibited widely, from Oriel y Parc, St. Davids, Chapter and g39 in Cardiff, to the Liverpool Biennial and the British Museum in London. His art training includes a BA (Hons) and Masters in Fine Art, more recently Ben became a qualified lecturer at Pembrokeshire College.

Ben’s artwork ranges from drawing and painting to large publicly funded sculptural projects. His paintings over recent years, as shown in Ty Boia, have been collages of sorts; collected images from disparate sources juxtaposed on the same plane in typical bold colour and simplified lines. More recently this method has been developed to incorporate subconscious imagery drawn from a state of not thinking. This could be described as the artist being lost in the artistic process. His forthcoming exhibition in St. Davids this summer will see Ben draw on these developments to produce his own visual lexicon.



Sam Vicary

Sam has a 1:1 degree in Visual Arts from DeMontfort University and was selected to do apainting fellowship at the university campus in Lincoln for an extended year. After aperiod of time living in London and selling work to private collectors, she decided to return home to pursue her arts practice. In ten years she has worked for two arts organisations, managed an exhibition space and now works in arts marketing. Most importantlyshe is painting. The imagery and compositions have evolved from numerous observed drawings and collages of birds. These birds are a recurring motif within the work, each one playing the part of a living character or imaginary hero in an ongoing narrative drawn from experience, memory and daydreams.


Tony Kitchell

Tony Kitchell has been working in Pembrokeshire for more than 30 years. Leaving art school in Bristol for the wild west of Wales, he soon developed a special visual relationship with the coastal scenery. His current work is on display in his gallery, Studio6, St. Davids.


Jacki Sime

Jacki, a self-taught photographer became inspired by photography after the gift of a camera for her eighth birthday.

She feels her fascination for the environment and travel, was partly kindled by both her maternal and paternal grandmother’s own unique travel experiences and that her connection to both photography and the natural world was then further influenced by watching wildlife film documentaries as a child, taking photographs and experimenting with image processing. Since then her photographs have been consistently collected and are now held in private and public collections around the world. Jacki has also travelled from the Arctic to rainforests as a photographer and researcher working on wildlife film documentaries and on various expeditions.

After completing a Masters degree in marine environmental protection, Jacki lectured in environmental impact for several years and continues to combine both her MSc and photography to highlight environmental issues. She is also closely involved in the rescue and rehabilitation of diseased and injured grey seals around the Pembrokeshire coast.

Her photographic images have been featured in a wide range of publications in the UK and overseas. The first collective portfolio of Jacki’s photographs ‘Breaking Waves of Light’ published in 2010 was re-printed in 2011.

Jacki predominantly specialises in traditional photography using fine grain film, with limited digital camera use for specific assignments. Jacki lives at the edge of the sea with her partner and their two sons and continues to explore her photographic art.